1% For the Planet

1% For the Planet


UPROAR is super stoked and excited to announce our membership to 1% for the Planet. 

We joined 1% for the Planet because we strongly believe that we have 2 homes; the body we live in and the planet we live on and we have an obligation to ourselves and others to take the best care we can of both!

We care deeply about ocean health and deforestation because these issues are in our hands and we can still do something about it IF we act with speed and vigor!

Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we plan to partner with nonprofits who are doing essential work to help address these issues. Who we will be announcing in the coming weeks! Keep your eyes peeled!

We feel very privileged to put our name alongside other wonderful enterprises who are already members of 1% for the Planet, who are doing good by doing good! 

“Our member companies have donated more than $150 million to our environmental nonprofit partners to date. The planet needs more support than this, and our growing network of member businesses is doing its valuable part to increase giving and support on the ground outcomes. Our members lead with purpose and commitment, characteristics that consumers support. We're excited to welcome UPROAR to our global network," says Kate Williams, CEO- 1% for the Planet

Kate Goes on to say “The 1% for the Planet network has grown to include a diversity of businesses around the globe inspired by places ranging from urban gardens to remote wilderness areas, and issues ranging from reducing food waste to cleaning trash from oceans.  What binds all of our member businesses, nonprofit partners, and individual donors is a shared commitment to caring for our only home.”

Director Robin Wilkins said “Sustainability and the environment is one of the key foundational pillars of UPROAR. I felt the planet is the source of all our resources and our fun and we owe her more than just our gratitude, we have an obligation to leave the Planet in a better condition than we found it.  I always wanted to create transparency to the giving process and also benefit from the support of others who are already making a difference and benefit from their experience in contributing and recognizing quality and effective initiatives”.

Robin highlights the important role 1% for the Planet can play.

In the words of their CEO Kate “1% for the Planet connects dollars with doers to address the most pressing challenges, and we amplify those stories to create a larger impact on our planet. We are a powerful global model that generates new dollars and new engagement to support environmental nonprofits who are doing critical on the groundwork.”

UPROAR was created with conscience and this important partnership will give UPROAR accountability to its commitment to the environment and also provide transparency for our customers.

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