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Become an UpRoar Affiliate

You are producing great content and a have lot of engaged followers who appreciate sharing your experience as well as your authenticity and knowledge. We can give you a scalable, transparent and ethical way of monetising your content and generating revenue so you can focus on what you love doing without compromising on your principles or credibility. We will send you some products to try out if you like them and connect with our story and want to be a part of our activist program then.....

1. Via your Refersion profile page, you create unique tracking links which link directly to different pages or products on our site

2. You create and publish your content and add in the appropriate link

3. For every website visitor you send we'll track their activity over the next 30 days

4. Every time a visitor you sent makes a purchase on during these 30 days you'll get a commission

5. Each month we'll send you a recap of how many sales you generated and pay you your commission via PayPal